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thousands of dollars of stuff from a wal-mart store. how a cashier may have helped him. and we're waiting for the first big snowfall of the year. this winter has buried the state's snow budgets. aaa says gas prices are rising at a blistering pace, we'll give you the forecast at the pump. let's start off with this evil four letter word, snow. >> chief meteorologist wyatt everhart is live in the abc 2 news most accurate storm center. i'm rooting for it. what can you tell us. >> basically we are looking at an overnight changing situation. i don't think we're going to see much. temperatures until the mid-50s and that supports basically more of a mixed situation and if anything, when we see the change over to snow overnight, it's not going to have much success being able to stick accept for again, this elevated car tops, blades of grass, those things all drop to freezing. here's the line of showers in western maryland, looking for
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that to bring a light mix overnight into daybreak. now this evening as the line approaches, we're in the low 50s. hagerstown, we're 7 degrees below freezing. that wintry mix coming on as we push towards midnight and talk about the wave of wintry weather and the second wave of possible wintry weather this weekend. that's coming up. snow could be arriving for this weekend, abc 2 news' fred slade tells you how the state highway administration is getting ready for this possible snowy arrival. >> emily you're getting so high. >> reporter: with the february high nearing 60 degrees today, moms and kids on tot lot took advantage of the temperatures. >> we're enjoying since i have young kids, it's great to get outside when you have a chance and enjoy the sunshine. >> reporter: despite today's blue sky, that could be
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changing this weekend if mother nature has her way. >> the clippers have been what we've been getting a lot this winter. we're right on the line. it could be rain, freezing rain, snow, being on a saturday, hopefully people have more options whether they choose to travel or not so we don't have the pressure of rush hour and we can do our jobs. >> it's hard to believe we had snow yesterday and might get snow tomorrow. >> we have plenty of salt and loaded up the trucks and are gassed up and we have the plows, in case it accumulates, we'll be able to react no matter what happens and be pro active. >> reporter: even though we haven't had a big snowstorm, all of these little ones are putting pressure on the snow budget. >> we have used up some of the budget. we have western maryland, they have 129 inches of snow so it's a normal winter out there. so there are no worries. we have $41 million, if we go over, we'll do the accounting work come april, we'll make
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sure we're able to respond and keep the roads safe and clear for people to travel. >> my kids will be excited if they can play the in the snow. >> reporter: fun for some, but a game of strategy, for state highway workers. >> in some areas, you get something you could have and then just 10 miles away, there's no precipitation at all. it is kind of a little bit of a hard thing to deal with but we're able to and we react and no one needs to be worried we won't be able to be out there and keep the roads safe. >> reporter: downtown fred slade for abc 2 news. and you too can track this storm as well. log onto abc 2 and download the mobile weather app so you can take maryland's most accurate forecast with you on the go. you can get live radar to the latest updates and on school closings as well, 24/7. a carroll county man faces
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theft charges after he stole items from a wal-mart with the help of a cashier. jeff hager explains how it all worked. >> reporter: prices may be falling at this wal-mart store on liberty road in eldersburg but not nearly to the level this mild manner senior citizen received. he's facing up to 30 years in prison if he's convicted on charges. >> he received information there was a possible theft going on in the wal-mart where a 70-year-old carroll county man was coming in and getting merchandise and not paying for all of it. >> police became aware of the scheme after an employee reported seeing a cashier allowing the customer to leave with far more items than he paid for. he told detectives that he stopped at the wal-mart three times per week and that if the cashier failed to charge him for any goods, he wasn't aware of it. the cashier in question theresa
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long said he threatened her safety and that of her children if she failed to play along and she'd watched him steel more than $2000 worth of goods in the last three months alone. >> police believer this theft may have been going on for several years, totaling up to $30,000 worth of merchandise which is what they found out at this juncture. so in that case, this is a felony theft. >> reporter: reached by telephone; rubottom told us he never stole anything. that he and long are friends and he sold her a car and she and another cashier are the ones who have been caught stealing at the store in recent moms. geoff e geoff abc 2jeff hager abc 2 news. they did find evidence of a cashier stealing, but it's a far cry from what they think he took. three men are behind bars
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in connection with with the 24 convenience store robberies. the armed robberies of 7-11s and all the robberies, the suspect used a stun gun and pellet gun. omar, pence, derek black well faced armed robbery and assault charges. an anne arundel man is in trouble after putting up a fight after officers found him having sex in a public park. brian joseph williams was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. they found him having sex in a tent in the southeastern wildlife expo. and once the officers caught up with williams, he put up a fight and had to be laid down and pulled down into a police cruiser in handcuffs. new details tonight in this week's baltimore trainee shooting. the department originally suspended training operations indefinitely after a trainee was shot in the head during an
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exercise at rosewood state hospital. a city police spokesperson tells us limited training will resume next week. firearms practice will not be included in the sessions. tonight the trainee remains at shock trauma in critical condition. meanwhile maryland state police continue their work on this criminal investigation. released yesterday they said they'll take their results to the baltimore state's attorney who will then determine if criminal charges should be filed in this case. former anne arundel executive john leopold will not get a new trial. judge dennis sweeney reviewed the motion and ruled it was without merit. this month leopold resigned from the county executive's office after he was found guilty of misconduct in office. he's expected to be sentenced on march 14th. 16 people are hoping to fill in for the rest of leopold's term including former first lady kendall ehrlich and john hammond. he won't seek another term after this one expires and he
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says first on the list is dealing with the employees that had to work through the investigation and the trial. the deadline to apply for the job was noon today. they plan to pick a replacement next thursday. it's not even spring and gas prices are already really rising quickly. that's according to to aaa. gas prices are up 18-cents per gallon and that's since late january and get ready to pay more. consumer reporter john metairie shows us how this is impacting drivers and family budgets so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: in the old days, february was the month when gas prices were cheapest, still winter, few people are taking driving vacations in february and demand for gas line is down. gas prices are heading up as if summer were already here. it was just a couple weeks ago drivers were enjoying the lowest gas prices in a year. gasoline for less than 3 buck bucks a gallon could be the
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future. that's changed. john huff is a contractor who has to pay for his own gas in his work truck. this sudden jump is hurting his income. >> what's it cost you to fill this up. >> 85 bucks and that gets me through a week of work. >> gas prices are up 15% since early january. >> i'm only getting $20 worth instead of filling up my tank. >> reporter: normally you fill it up. >> yes. >> reporter: according to, getting hit by two factors, crude oil, and two, u.s. wholesale gas prices have hit a three month high with several california and chicago refineries closed for maintenance and he is oil closing an east coast refine
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finery. not good news for drivers. the good news, the u.s. energy department is calling for lower gas prices this summer. then in 2012 it says supplies are stronger this year and carses continue to get better gas mileage, reducing demand which means barring a major hurricane, this summer should not be as bad as last if you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. the underarmour's first retail store will open this week. you can expect invasion from women's mens, and children's apparel from the newest challenge. footwear dropped in the middle of the star and it says it always puts the charmed city first. >> we wanted to open a store here in baltimore.  here in harbor east, became available and there's a lot of amazing foot traffic and it's become a hub for shopping and we're really proud to be here. >> the batman shirt is cool. the grand opening is tomorrow.
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if your new new new year's resolution fell short six weeks into the new year, we're here to help. >> how facebook and other social media could be the key to fighting that fat. we have the wine, we have the cheese, we have unique furniture. we're in the turf valley, we're going to talk about some of this great stuff coming up. >> have a few sips for me, my friend. 52 degrees outside. a new weather maker on the board, this one likely to bring winter arey weather across maryland. we'll have the details straight ahead. nçn
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in tonight's health alert, what is the leading indicator of heart disease in men. the answer may surprise you. it's a problem at least 30 million men in the u.s. experience, but most don't talk about. i would say that erectile dysfunction is the canary in the coal mine. it's a sign that there is more widespread disease and not just for the heart but throughout all the blood vessels in the body. so what's going on here, heart disease usually means a plaque build up in the blood vessels, but what is happening to the blood vessels in the heart also happens to other vessels in the body and taking drugs may solve the initial problem but won't protect you against heart disease. dieting is not easy. sometimes we need a little help, all the help we can get. and social media can help you reach your weight loss goals. you can post the details of your progress, which leads to
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uncouragement and accountability,. >> taking pictures of what we're eating is another way of doing what we call a food journal or food diary and those have been ways to help us lose the weight or keep it off. it's showing, okay, look i had this healthy meal. this is identity deal male for me and my diet -- meal for me and my diet plan. and there is power in numbers, friends and coworkers can be your weight loss partners. for health information to keep you ask your family safe log onto you'll find stories, about how a little stress could be good for your heart. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. weather wise, the sun is down even e though the days are getting longer, what a beautiful day it was. and we have mild conditions at wi. 52 right now. winds are calm and air
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temperatures slowly set to fall through the 40s is this evening as winter approaches out of the west. before we show you that, a gorgeous february day. blue skies throughout and as we look late in the day, we see a few clouds blowing in. that is the first frontal boundary approaching out of the west. that will be coming in here in the overnight hours. well above freezing. first line of showers without much in the way of frozen precipitation. 20 to 35 around dc. that's the area of the front pushing in, changing to snow showers through the overnight hours. the possibly of a coating to even a slushy accumulation on the grassy areas. so far the precipitation has been fairly scattered, fairly light. there is of course wintry weather on the backside of the front where the cold air is.
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but initially as we begin to see some showers this evening, they're going to be rain showers. some may evaporate on the way down. that's where ewe get the slushy coating -- where we get the slushy coating overnight. the first of two waves, potentially impacting us over the weekend. the second wave will come form of a coastal system that will phase in with the front tonight and could spin in some showers into the eastern shore in particular eastern maryland could face snow showers tomorrow afternoon as the storm passes offshore and maybe a few flakes west of the chesapeake as well. but looks like better chances east. we a all feel the change in air temperatures, down in the 20s tonight, never out of the 30s as we go into the next couple of days. we'll be in the teens and 20s. definitely getting the chill factor and watching the coastal storm getting ready to develop, make its run and have little impact on the first part of the
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weekend. the possibility of a late day snow shower because of the storm offshore. windy and cold. 40 the high at midnight. in the 30s most of the day tomorrow and 20s tomorrow night and the outlook remains cold and actually quite blustery on sunday the winds feed into the coastal storm. a cold day around here. still february, no question about it and freezing rain early tuesday morning, so back and forth we go. we get mild spring like afternoons but these things that come in through the overnight hours have the chance to produce the wintry weather. >> looks like a messy week ahead. >> on and a off. >> i want the big blizzard and we're running out of time. >> we'll take it in june, how's that. >> a few more weeks,. >> thanks. baltimore county steps out of the classroom and onto the dance floor, part f of a ballroom dance floor. they learned four dance styles,
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the five day program focuses on dancing etiquette and techniques and then the 5th graders will show off their dance skills. he looks so thrilled. >> we should have enrolled you in class. if you want to get a head start on spring cleaning and home remodeling. >> head down to turf valley in elegant city this weekend. at the luxury home event and mike is live with what you can expect from the show and what have you bought so far, mike. >> oh, man, i blew the budget on this trip. let me tell you something, you need that one thing that you're missing out of the living room, come here and pick it up. this is mario, and guys one thing about the show which is interesting is that everybody is from a different state or region. where are you guys from. >> jersey, south jersey. >> bruce springsteen. you're north of me.
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we're in pittsburgh. >> reporter: tell me a little bit about this. this is creative design. >> thanks thankings. everything that we do -- thanks. everything we do is created from retired wine barrels mainly out of california are, real high end barrels. you know, these are our creations, we try to keep things basic but also very elle elegant. and practical. like our coffee table over there and this is my nephew mario. >> 10 minutes right on this. 10 minutes, whip up a nice table. >> absolutely. we put about 40 to 80 hours depending on the workweek, a lot of time in the shop. both of us personally go to every design, hand crafted by our shop. >> reporter: this is some beautiful stuff. thank you,. >> i just wanted to say this is our second year here and we had a great time last year and it's nice to come back and anybody that doesn't get to make it out, please check >> and we'll have are that on
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our web site and we'll give wyatt everhart a nice tip. >> reporter: hey ladies, best seller real quick. >> our best sellers are peanut butter bark, all from scratch. >> reporter: i have some peanut butter brittle. >> it's not brittle. it's completely different. it's a layer of chocolate, homemade toppings and something fun on top. >> tables, chocolate, wine, cheese, turf valley. >> killing me. he's killing me right now. >> we want orders. if that's what i want, i want the pretzel one. that's the good one. >> good stuff. mike masco, best assignment of the day. thank you very much for that. coming up tonight after world news, stay with abc 2 news with an all new episode e of the list, here's a sneak peak. in a world made of stone, it's flash dance at the dome.
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that's coming up on the list at 7.
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a quick check of the hour by hour forecast, a wintry mix by midnight, tapers off to snow showers in the morning, a break in midday and a few more flurries, look how much colder,. >> a lot to look out, thank you very much.
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check the web, check our mobile app. >> we'll see you at 11. the car on the left was filled up with
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